DR-M1 Guide to all problems

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DR-M1 Guide to all problems

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Below is a list of known problems for these machines.

The faults listed will require someone with good soldering skills etc to perform a satisfactory repair, so we advise against 'having a go' yourself if you have no knowledge.

The answers should hopefully cover all possibilities, so please don't just email me asking the same things that are covered here.

If however you have a different problem to report, or some knowledge to impart then please do let us know.

DR-M1 problems:

The main fault in common with a lot of other models is the power supply. This will usually give the 'Dead' symptom. It will nearly always fail when in standby as the fan doesn't run then and the power Ic on the small aluminium block near the fan will fail- sometimes exploding, other times just tripping when hot.

If by unplugging and plugging back in , you can restart the supply this will prove which of the above has occurred.

If it is just tripping, replacing the STRG6653, making sure it seats fully onto its aluminium block, and replacing any of the tall cylindrical capacitors that look distressed (bulging tops or leaking around base) will normally cure it.

*BEWARE* the big capacitor near the heatsink can hold near 400volts on it even when its been unplugged for some time!!! Likes to shake hands if you touch it

If the STRG6653 has cracked then you will need to replace the following parts which will have been damaged when it blew.

1- IC5101 STRG6653
2- PC5101 opto coupler
3- C5103
4- R5107 some of these are microscopic surface mounted under the board
5- R5108
6- R5109
7- F5001 fuse

Other than the above these have been generally reliable, but odd disc reading problems being caused by a duff DVD-r drive can occur.

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