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Posted: Sat Nov 13, 2010 6:37 pm
by efect2000
new news:
My third item, sometimes failed with loading, lasting a lot of time to come on, so i tried to clone the last original to one of the others disks, so I put this third as master and the seagate as slave, I put the pc with the cd inserted on and it detected only the seagate, after several tests, I noticed the disk didn't rotate, I put it on the jvc and it didnt work. I thought the several tiems it failed was the disk, that was in its end, and moving I killed it definetelly. I remove the electronic card from the other maxtor and it worked again on the jvc, I put the disk on the pc and it died again. I smelt a little burn and saw an SMD transistor (PH45-PB4350 a "big" between the smd's) with a little dot, I looked at the other and had also this little dot. I went to the "museum" and found one 10gb maxtor with a similar SMD, I put it on my disks, on JVC perfect and on the pc, the motor does not run. Voltages are correct, even a little lower than on the jvc, and on this pc are other disks, and is where I "broke down" the firmware of the seagate, but without "burning" it physically.

I bought the SMD's and put on them, my third HDD is now on its machine working fine, I have not tried again on the pc, but i have put the first maxtor, the "guilty" of all and nothing bad happened¿?

Then, I put this hdd on the second jvc and IT WORKED!!!!! yeah, I was so surprised......XDD

I cloned then this maxtor into the seagate, and now I have the seaget on its machine also working. The maxtor guilty is malfunction, I tried the low format level and there are a lot of physical errors.. But at least, the firmware could clone to other.

Now I have a question: I havle cloned into a normal PC 7200 seagate hdd ST380011A, and the one which brings the jvc is ST380012ACE. With the pc HCC (7200) looks it works properly, can this machine work with an 7200 pc HDD?

I have bought on ebay what I mentioned before, and once I have it, I will let you know, what it is and how it works, if it does.

Thank you

Posted: Wed Nov 17, 2010 3:10 pm
by andywilks
It may work yes. I would be interested to know.

Posted: Mon Nov 22, 2010 7:01 pm
by efect2000
I received from the ebay's user a HDD maxtor with the soft already installed, ready to install, and a cd (a copy) with a program called PvrDup3Win.exe, which is to copy one disk to another, but I have been unable to do it yet, I sent an email asking for instructions.

Posted: Mon Dec 06, 2010 3:41 pm
by efect2000
hello, after severals tests, a normal 7200 seagate pc disk works, but niot reliable, as it hangs ofte.

The program is to copy the systema files from a working disk into another, does not matter if same brand or not. (seagate or maxtor)

Posted: Wed Dec 08, 2010 4:11 pm
by andywilks
How are you copying the system files.?

Clone the entire disc?
or have you found another way?


Posted: Wed Dec 08, 2010 4:39 pm
by efect2000
I have tested both, with the free hdclone and with the PvrDup3Win.exe, the "ebayer" sent me togheter with the new HDD, which is ready to work.

Cloning wiht hdclone also works, but with the program, even having as the master one used before, when the unit is on for first time, it starts asking for the country and language.

Posted: Wed Apr 27, 2011 8:42 pm
by sybux
I've repaired my Recorder with the replacement of the capacitor some year ago (as you can see with my previous reply), but now I'm getting a new and interessting problem.

My wife started to watch a DVD and after 5 minutes, the player "crash" and only the HDD and DVD buttons are lighted (at the same time). I can also see the led "video" under eject button lighted.

I've removed the cord from power, waited 1 minute -> same thing
I've removed a second time and waited 1 hour -> nothing on display and after a 1 minute or so, the HDD and DVD lights again.

I hope it can be repaired I got some tv show not recored to DVDs yet.

thx in advance.
Desperate Sybux :)

Disk clone?

Posted: Sun Feb 03, 2013 2:27 am
by video99
I've fixed no end of DR-MH200 and MH300 machines with new capacitors and the occasional chopper control chip (etc.). However now I have in a DR-MH200 with a hard disk problem, confirmed by swapping with a known good one.

Andy mentioned cloning data from a good drive. I tried to do this using Clonezilla but it would not see the good hard disk even though it was visible to Windows as a non-initialised drive.

Are there any suggestions here for suitable cloning software?

Also, it might be helpful if someone knows where to download the Adviser Pro CD image, even though as Andy points out, it's not likely to actually fix anything. According to the service manual though, it can fix some disk errors.



Posted: Sun Feb 03, 2013 6:21 am
by efect2000
hi, I have cloned hdd's with HDCLONE program, it runs from starting the pc with cd, only necessary a machine with the original hdd and the one which has to be cloned. ... 04284.html

Posted: Sun Feb 03, 2013 9:32 pm
by andywilks
I have always and still use norton ghost, as offered by Geert Jan elsewhere on this site. Still works for me now (from a floppy)!
Must used in RAW mode.

Posted: Fri Sep 23, 2016 11:38 am
by RFZ
I do own an old JVC DR-MH20SE which was serviced back in 2010 the last time.
It now again has the Loading issue...

What I've checked so far:
- HDD has no unreadable sectors (I made a full raw image using dd) (haven't checked SMART status so far)
- all voltages are okay on the first look (tested with multimeter) and no caps are bulged
- holding "eject" while connecting AC ejects after 10s sometimes, but not always!
- using the drives eject button works sometimes, but not always!
- even using the drives eject button with IDE disconnected did not always work, but the drives power seems not that bad?!
- using the DVD drive external, it operated normal with only power connected (inserted DVD spins up for some seconds)

I now grabbed my Oscilloscope and did additional measurements (diodes on low side):
- CN1003 D3.3V: 3,4V / 360mvVpp
- CN1003 D2.5V: 2,6V / 200mvVpp
- CN1003 D1.8V: 2,0V / 200mvVpp
- D5208: 6,0V / 350mVpp
- D5214: 6,1V / 480mVpp
- D5210: 6,1V / 480mVpp
- D5213: 6,0V / 800mVpp (bad?)
- D5206: 6,0V / 480mVpp
- D5205: 6,1V / 480mVpp
- D5212: 12,2V / 800mVpp
- D5204: 12,3V / 560mVpp
- C5313: 5,1V / 800mVpp (D5V) (bad?)
- C5314: 4,0V / 800mVpp (derived from D5V)
- C5316: 3,4V / 400mVpp (D3.3V)
- D5307: 5,5V / 320mVpp (HD5V source)
- C5340: 5,3V / 480mVpp (DV5V)
- DV12V: 12,3V / 320mVpp

I have no idea what ripple is acceptable, it all doesn't look too bad to me, however I'm wondering if the 800mVpp on D5V might be a problem?

So... although the drive responds from time to time, there might be a power issue, right? Guess I should replace the D5V caps first?

Btw. I also wanted to show you this thread where you can find an HDD image and the JVC Adviser software. ... C-recorder

You can also find a service manual with schematics and pcb layout here: ... nload.html

Okay, I now found DV5V drop to 3,9V for few hundred ms when pressing the drives eject button (which does NOT eject)... Guess that really confirms a power issue on DV5V... Guess I have to change C5206, C5306 and maybe C5340?

Re: DR-MH20/ 30/ 50 Guide to problems

Posted: Sat Oct 01, 2016 4:13 pm
by RFZ
Okay, the recorder works fine again :)

I ended up replacing all caps on the switching regulator board except C5003, C5103, C5202 (because I couldn't get replacements in the store nearby).

I also tested the removed caps and surprisingly most of the big ones look still good (ESR < 0.5 Ohm; capacity > 90%) but all C53** caps with 100µF or less failed (ESR > 10 Ohm; capacity < 10%).
Of the bigger ones only C5206 (1200µF/10V) failed.
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