DR-MH200SEK HDD Cloning

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DR-MH200SEK HDD Cloning

Post by WDMDL »

Having now got this machine working, I would like to clone the HDD.

Does the replacement HDD have to be the exact same model as the original (mine is a Seagate ST3160022ACE), or will any 160GB HDD be suitable?

I understand that the clone will have to be done in "raw" mode, due to the non-standard formatting.

Is Drive Clone 3 suitable, or can you recommend other suitable software?

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Post by andywilks »

I recently observed a different drive in a machine that I was hoping to clone from.

Sizes were slightly different so Ghost wouldn't do it.
I can't help feeling that if we could image most of the data onto the drive then it should work....Ghost won't let you...maybe another prog would.

As for exact make/model... earlier units had eeprom settings that required the exact drive...This may still be the case, but since Jvc are using a couple of different drives, they may have relaxed the need to lock the firmware to the drive type now. Worth a try. especially if you have a 160Gb slightly larger sectors etc.
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