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DR-MH30 now working!

Posted: Sun Apr 19, 2009 10:51 pm
by Rick_J
Hey Guys (especially Andy)

My recorder stopped working a few months ago - I found this forum and changed some caps. Ive changed 5307, 5316, 5340, 5202 and 5207 and it now boots and works, with all previous recordings still there :D
cap 5202 (50v 18uF) was even changed for a 50v 22uF due to capacitor availability from Maplin.

Now ive got some choices, do i leave the other 4 capacitors or not and do i get another disc to clone as a back up - if I do this, what software should I use? ive used XXXClone before but is there any specific software to clone the custom format? Also, does anyone know which models are close to the current discs consumption?

Also, the SCART output (normal and RGB) has stopped working, but im not too bothered as it still outputs S-Video and component to my HD screen. Interestingly the SCART inputs still work - has anyone come across this?

many thanks