JVC DR-MH300 hard drive replacement

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JVC DR-MH300 hard drive replacement

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I'm just here to give you my experience on replacing my DR-MH300 hard drive. The HDD was defect and I successed to replace it.

Here is how I did :

- I first had to find a DR-MH300 that was perfectly working in order to clone the HDD
- I bought a brand new Seagate Baraccuda IDE Disc (400 Go / 7200 rpm)
- I downloaded HDClone Professionnal 3.6.2 in order to do a raw copy (Sector by sector) of the disk
- I put in my computer the working JVC HDD as "master" and the 400 Go as "slave"
- I initiated the duplication with HDClone. It took about 75 minutes.
- At the end of cloning, HDClone asked me if I would like to extend the size of partition to the whole disk (400 Go). I agreed and hoped that my JVC would now see 400 Go in place of the 160 Go - but of course it didn't work

(remark : Don't forget to put back the "cloned" HDD as "Master" when install it again into the case.)

Of course, the recorded titles were those of the original disk of my friend, but my unit is now OK.

And if someone know how to extend the size to the whole disk, I would appreciate (JVC software by exemple)

I really love the JVC interface and fuctionnalities (automatic recording of watched channels during last 3 hours, 30 seconds forward and 7 seconds backward buttons, great and complete EPG, the way it sorts the recorded titles, ...) and I haven't found the same in other recorders, even in earlier models. My only complaint goes to the limited 160 Go partition size.
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