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I have a similar problem to others in that my machine is doing the blue flashing and saying "loading" but doesn't stop, i.e. I am unable to use it. I have had a lot of work done at my home recently and the electricity supply as been on and off a number of times and even though the recorder was not switcheld on it appears that the repeated on/off of the mains power has caused this problem.

Unfortunately I am not in the least technically minded so no point me opening the box because I wouldn't know what to look for or where to look so, unless there is a reset button and someone could direct me to it I assume that 1 will need to take it to someone (perhaps to you Andy as you cannot be far distant).

Essentially I need help and advice. from other things I have read it appears that this problem is not uncommon and that it can be fixed. It would be good to have confirmation and an idea of cost involved.

If you can help it will be appreciated

Thank you
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