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Posted: Sun Mar 13, 2011 1:21 pm
by welwynman
After several years of trouble-free use I let my other half use the machine a couple of weeks ago and she broke it! On switch-on nothing happens except the DVR and HDD lights come on and pulse but nothing else, remote control is inoperative, can't reset etc. On reading your excellent site I see that the power supply is suspect and on examination the pcb area around STRG6653 is discoloured (although no other components look bad). Measuring voltages on the molex connectors shows the 12v is down to 6 on one and 0 on another. Before I get my soldering iron out, can you supply a schematic of the power supply ? One of your contributors gave a link to a Russian site for the manual but the pdf is corrupted and won't open. Any help would be much appreciated! Really impressed with your site - great work.