JVC SR-DVM700 HDD image

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JVC SR-DVM700 HDD image

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I found recently a "virgin" JVC SR-DVM700 with a 250GB HDD, never recorded on the HDD. The machine boots fine.

Out of curiosity, I tried to look at the HDD with a free hex program: HxD Hex Editor. Since my past experience with the cloning of the SR-DVM70 was a disaster because I worked on the original HDD, this time I picked a spare 250GB WD disk.

After a fast investigation of the info on the disk, I found about a 50Mb of data at the root of the disk and then nothing.

At first I did a hex copy the first 50Megs of data and then try to restore on the clone, same WD 250GB. It did not work, the machine was was booting with "please wait" and stopped at 9 countdown, never going further.

So, if restoring the first 45Megs on the root of the HDD did not work, it must be some other data somewhere else, in the remaining 249GB!

I took the HDD and cloned withHDDRawCopy1.10Portable, a free windows HDD Raw Copy Tool. ( sector by sector copy only). The output file size is about 46megs. ( The program automatically compress it)

I took the other spare drive and did a full sector by sector restore - it took an hour! I took the clone and put it in the machine and voila, it booted fine!
As a remark, I could not find that rest of the data that needs to be restored there in order for the clone to work, beside the first 45megs that are easy to restore with HxD hex program.

All this is just a fun exercise, because I do not really need the machine, the DVD recorder drive is dead and the DV tape mechanism eats the tape.

Now that I have the image of the HDD maybe I will try to record something on the HDD and see where it writes the data, if I have time to play with this toy.

Here is the HDD image on mediafire:

http://www.mediafire.com/download/izjvj ... uu/JVC.zip

It contains the raw 250GB image "JVC-SR-DVM700.imgc" from the WD drive! You need to restore the complete image (250GB) with the HDDRawCopy. Takes about 1 hour.

It also contains the free raw copy program - you can also download-it from internet: "google" HDDRawCopy1.10Portable , and also the Hex editor "HxD Hex Editor" in case you want to check the result yourself.

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