DR-MH20 MH30 Service Manual Available

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DR-MH20 MH30 Service Manual Available

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I don't know if it is against the rules, javascript:emoticon(':?')
but I have the Service Manual for the DR-MH20SE, DR-MH20SEK, DR-MH20SEF, DR-MH30SE, DR-MH30SEK,
DR-MH30SEF, DR-MH30SER series

in pdf format that I am happy to share.

It includes full schematics and parts list.

I also have a raw disk image that I haven't needed to try yet. (200Mb)
and a copy of Advisor Pro 157.

My own DR-MH30 is currently undergoing a PSU capacitor replacement after suffereng the constant loading.... issue.
It now is well out of even the extended 5yr warranty I purchased, and has been repaired twice during that period.
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