JVC DRM10 DRMH20 DRMH30 loading or sound problems

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I am working on a DR-MH30SU for a friend. It has the Loading error with the blinking blue light. It did open the DVD drive after holding down the eject button for about 20 seconds. From a previous post, I think this means it is not power supply issue? None of the capacitors are bulging or have any leaks. Is there JVC software available to correct HDD corruption?
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hello, I follow this threat, as it speaks about the green lines. In sort of 2005, I bought one and suddenly green lines appeared, even being in warranty, I changed most of capacitors, but the problem was still there. Then , i sent it to the official service (in Girona-spain, where I live) and I was told, that firmware was updated. Since then, it has been working with not major problems than "normal". Now I have bought one faulty on ebay, it has these lines. First i have changed the hdd and the lines were there, then i changed the full power supply board and lines dissapeared. I have changed ALL the electrolytic capacitors and fixed some dry joints, but the problem still here. I put then the ps board with all the new capacitors to the other unit, and no green lines appear, I swapped again, and the last item bought with green lines, swapped again and no one has green lines.

Sorry, but i don't understand what "modded" stands for (google translator does not know xD) .
Can you help me? Thank you
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Those symptoms sound like a bad connection on one of the pins on the SCART lead.

If the sound continues, it can't really be in the DRMH
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