This is now my new home page (as of 7th Dec 2016). A lot of the stuff I had on the old static home page was out of date. This new WordPress site will help keep it more relevant and dynamic.

Here are a few of the old links, just for the sake of completeness:


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  1. Dear Mr. Cippico,
    My name is Sharon Hecker. I am an art historian and I have been searching for information on one of your relatives for many years. I am wondering if you have any information on Alfred William Schweich Mond, whose portrait was made in 1906 by an artist I work on. I know that one of your relatives, May Mond Cippico, was his sister, and she saw the portrait my artist made in her family home until about 1960. Then the trail goes cold on the sculpture. If you have any historical records or family members with recollections I would be very glad to be in touch.

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