My Crash-For-Cash Sob Story

The sad sob story of RK06 XOR

or.. how a chancer wrecked by BMW 320CD M Sport

On 23rd April 2016 I was returning from seeing my brother in Bracknell and was just exiting off the Lightwater roundabout onto the M3 towards Basingstoke. A beaten-up Passat overtook me on the approach to the slip and slammed on its brakes. There were no brake lights to warn me and I had no time to stop in time. Needless to say enough damage was caused for the insurance company to write it off. I was extremely upset. This was a car I’d cared for and spared no expense if something went wrong.

It soon became clear to me that I had been the victim of a crash-for-cash. Very upsetting.

This was my baby about a week before.


After the incident

wp_20160423_009 wp_20160423_010

In August 2016 the car was subsequently sold by the insurance company at CoPart car auctions.

Sold at auction

In November 2016 the car then appeared on the DVLA website as having a MOT. I’m guessing because of the cost of repairs it had been bought by a private buyer who liked the look of it and took a chance. If that person ever reads this I would love to know how the repairs went and how it looks today. I also have the spare keys and original manuals, first aid kit, etc.

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